Bye Alcohol (For Now)


I decided to take 20-30 days off of consuming alcohol, which actually I do quite frequently during the school year, but this summer has included many vacations, days off, visiting friends, concerts, long hours of day-drinking, and A LOT of rose… A LOT.  First off, my bank account is feeling it :/ which is reason number one why I’m slowing down. Second, I’ve been getting sick and having stomach issues recently, which has been very rare in the past 5 years up until now. Third, my skin has been looking dry and damaged and I am NOT a girl who likes to wear face makeup so keeping my skin healthy is a priority. Luckily, even a short amount of time without alcohol will help our bodies to bounce back and reverse some of the negative effects. I researched some of the benefits of temporarily abstaining from alcohol and here’s what I found (from various resources):


1.     Your immune system and liver will begin to improve and function more effectively

Alcohol makes you more vulnerable to viruses and is a direct toxin to your liver. It also causes inflammation in your liver, which makes it difficult for your body to clear toxins and turn fat into energy.  Abstaining from alcohol will help these processes to reverse and allow your liver to function more effectively.


2.     You’ll sleep better

I know a lot of people that have sleep problems, and recently I have been one of them. When you drink alcohol, you aren’t fully sleeping through the night. It can help you fall asleep, but it suppresses REM sleep and can mess with the quality of your sleep. Basically, you’re just resting, not truly sleeping.


3.     Your skin will improve

Alcohol is a diuretic, making you dehydrated. It causes water to leave the body, and less water in the body leads to very noticeable negative effects: dry-looking skin, red cheeks, rosacea, eczema, dandruff, etc. (NOT FOR ME)


4.     You’ll lose weight

Alcohol adds MANY calories to your diet without you realizing it. One IPA can have over 200 calories, one margarita can have 300 calories, and so on… And we all know we don’t drink just ONE. Not only that, but alcohol increases your senses and cravings for food. So we consume tons of calories from drinking, and then we’re hungry and order fourth meal from Dominoes. By cutting alcohol out, and not replacing it with dessert, you’ll start to shed extra pounds by not doing much else.


5.     You’ll save money (!!!!)

This is a no-brainer. Drinking is very expensive… need I say more?


Lastly, if you are just NOT going to temporarily quit, at least check out the section in my E-Book about alcohol and the different ways that you can modify your drinks to decrease calories and sugar!







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