Healthy AND HAPPY. (an intro)

The theme to my blog is essentially "Becoming Healthy and Happy",

and I have yet to write about the "happy" side of things. There is a lot that you guys maybe don't know about me, and part of what I want my blog to be is a place where I can WRITE, SHARE, and INSPIRE those who want to read!

This new section of my blog is called "LET'S GET REAL"

and it is going to be about POSITIVE aspects of life, the plus side of sometimes negative situations (BECAUSE let's get real... not everything is great ALL the time, but you can ALWAYS find a light in each and every situation), motivation, things that have moved me or inspired me to change or to act a certain way, and thus, inspiring you through sharing my own experiences. 

My first main blog post will be up this week. Stay tuned. And a huge, huge thank you for those of you supporting me and inspiring me to expand in this way, and to keep GROWING.